Awards and Scholarships

Recognizing the impact and value our members provide our association through formal recognition. 


New Professional Award


In order to recognize outstanding contributions to Residence Life, the Residence Life Professional Association is pleased to recognize and reward professionals that are new to Residence Life or the RLPA. The award has an added benefit of encouraging new professionals to stay in residence life and the RLPA. All members of the RLPA are encouraged to nominate deserving individuals. Nominations can be forwarded to any member of the executive.




The executive will evaluate and select the award recipient. The award will be presented during the RLPA Annual General Meeting. The criteria upon which nominations will be evaluated are as follows:


  • Open to all new Residence Life Professionals working full-time at a post secondary institution that is a member of the RLPA for less than 5 years.
  • Active involvement in Residence Life and the RLPA.
  • Innovative or creative work within Residence Life.
  • Indication of significant leadership potential in the Residence Life Profession.
Past Awardees
2008 Tim Siemens Red Deer College
2009 Brett Phillips University of Alberta
2010 Jim Fowler Grant MacEwan University
2011 Judy Eyben Lakeland College
2012 Laura Huxley MacEwan University
2013 Angela Chappell Augustana (U of A)
2014 Nicky Renault MacEwan University

Alana Turner

Alena Boczek

University of Alberta

Mount Royal University

2016 Kristin Davick Mount Royal University

Meghan Reiser

Dillon Andrus

University of Alberta

Red Deer College

2018 Christine Zapisocki University of the Fraser Valley

Sarah McCrae

Jesara Nichol

Augustana (U of A)

University of Lethbridge

2020 Auburn Phillips University of Lethbridge
2021 Zac Young University of Alberta
2022 Dini van Eck University of Alberta
2023 Tess Bickley Mount Royal University

Josie Lamothe Memorial Award for Outstanding Service

This Honour, originally termed the Outstanding Professionals Service Award, is given to a professional staff member within the RLPA for their outstanding contributions to student service.

In order to recognize outstanding contributions to Residence Life, the Residence Life Professional Association is pleased to continue giving an Outstanding Service Award. The award is named after Josie Lamothe, who made a significant contribution to Residence Life in Western Canada. All members of the RLPA are encouraged to nominate deserving individuals.


The Executive Board will evaluate and select the award recipient and present the award during the RLPA Annual General Meeting.

The award criteria is as follows:

  • Outstanding contributions to the RLPA through participation at the executive or committee levels.
  • Outstanding contributions to Residence Life within post-secondary institution within Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or the Territories.
  • Exemplary record in service as a mentor to other Residence Life professionals or Resident Assistants.
  • Successful implementation of unique or innovative programs contributing to the betterment of Residence Life at an institutional or provincial level.
Past Awardees
1997 Lorne Williams University of Lethbridge
1998 Jan Finney University of Calgary
1999 Glenice Grover Red Deer College
2000 Margot Bell University of Alberta
2001 Tracey Mason University of Alberta
2002 Dima Utgoff University of Alberta
2003 Mark Chytracek Augustana University College
2006 Sylvia Cholodniuk University of Saskatchewan
2007 Randy Fines Lakeland College
2008 Dima Utgoff University of Alberta
2009 Janet Athenasiou University of Alberta – Augustana
2010 Not Awarded N/A
2011 Nanci Krushelnicki College of New Caledonia
2012 Brianna McElroy Mount Royal University
2013 Chris Fukushima University of Alberta
2014 Craig Whitton University of Alberta
2015 Glenda Staples Medicine Hat College
2016 Not Awarded N/A
2017 Tim Siemens Red Deer College
2018 Judy Eyben Lakeland College
2019 Natasha Reynolds Mount Royal University
2020 Robert Ford University of Alberta – Augustana
2021 Not Awarded N/A
2022 Bob Lambert Mount Royal University
2022 Dillon Andrus Red Deer Polytechnic


Mark Chytracek Life Time Membership

This Honour is given to individuals deemed to have provided outstanding service related to Residence Life within the RLPA region.  Typically given to individuals who are retiring, moving into a different area of work or moving out of our region, this award recognizes professionals who have dedicated significant time to our field and in doing so, positively impacted the lives of both students and colleagues.


The Executive Board determines each year if any professionals are deserving of this award and announce recipients at the Annual General Meeting.  Those selected are given a lifetime membership to the RLPA, including complimentary registration at all future meetings they would like to attend.

The award criteria include:

  1. Outstanding contribution to the field of residence life within the RLPA region
  2. Long term service within the field
  3. Lasting impact on the field and its practitioners
  4. Lasting impact on students
  5. Formal service on the board is not required but can be taken into account
Past Awardees
2013 Sylvia Cholodniuk Awarded when it was called ‘Lifetime Membership’
? Dima Utgoff Awarded when it was called ‘Lifetime Membership’
? Glenda Staples
? Glenice Grover
? Chris Fukushima
? Jo-Anne Wilson
2023 Tracey Mason-Innes

RLPA Leadership Society

The Residence Life Professional Association acknowledges the important and significant contributions that student leaders make to the residence environment. Each year, the RLPA honours outstanding student leaders and inducts them into our own Residence Hall of Fame. The individuals listed here have made a difference in residence by displaying leadership skills and commitment within the campus community. Each of them in their own way has demonstrated superior leadership within residence and has made campus life better for the residents.



In order to be considered for admittance into the RLPA Leadership Society, candidates must:

  • Have been a student resident of an RLPA member institution in the academic year nominated
  • Be nominated by a full-time staff member from their institution
  • Be in good standing academically at their institution
  • Have demonstrated superior leadership within the residence community
  • Each school may nominate up to 10% of its student leader group!

Superior Leadership shall be discerned at the discretion of the member institution’s residence life professional or housing manager. Demonstrated qualities of leadership may include, but are not limited to, the following traits, skills or behaviors:

  • Effective Communicator
  • Stress Tolerant
  • Assertive
  • Assumes Responsibility
  • Contributes to the Team
  • Cooperative
  • Adaptable
  • Dependable
  • Creative
  • Proactive
  • Decisive
  • Alertness
  • Energetic
  • Diplomatic
  • Persuasive
  • Persistent
  • Ambitious
  • Self-Confident
  • Organized
  • Respected


STARS College

ACUHO-I STARS College is designed for students who have at least one year of undergraduate study remaining or anticipate having one year before entering graduate school or a full time role after August of 2023. They must also demonstrate significant interest in campus housing, residence life, and student affairs through their involvement or work experience during their time as an undergraduate.

The Residence Life Professional Association (RLPA) will provide scholarships to cover the full cost of registering for student staff from member institutions to attend STARS College.

  • Have at least one year of full time post-secondary education remaining after STARS College attendance.
  • Demonstrated significant interest in housing via involvement and/or jobs in the field of housing, Residence Life, or Residence Student Associations.
  • Obtain Institutional support to attend STARS College; in the of written consent.
  • Currently attending an RLPA member institution.
  • Attend and fully participate in STARS College, happening virtually on October 15, 22, and 29, 2023.

Applicants will be assessed on the following material:

  • A letter of recommendation from a current supervisor or mentor in the housing profession
  • A maximum 650 word response to the following questions:
    • What involvement have you had in the housing and/or residence life field?
    • What are your career aspirations?
    • What are you hoping to get out of the STARS College experience?

Should an applicant fail to meet all of the criteria but feels that they warrant consideration, we encourage applicants to apply anyway, stating the criteria they do meet, and why a special consideration should be made. The selection committee will consider these applications on merit, and on a case-by-case basis.

    For more information on STARS College, please visit


    We will be opening applications for our STARS College Scholarship soon. Please check back again soon.

    Strategic Cohorts Scholarship


    This scholarship is intended to support attendance at the annual conference for a professional who would benefit from the experience and who may not otherwise be able to attend. This award aligns with providing incentives to engage strategic member cohorts as identified by the ACUHO-I Executive Board. Scholarship recipients are required to meet at least one of the following criteria:

    1. Be a professional of color.2. Be a professional working full-time at a small college or university (under 2,000 beds) or an HBCU, Tribal or religious university.3. Be a new or advancing professional.4. Be a professional with an accepted presentation proposal for the annual conference

    The recipient of this scholarship will receive $1000.00 USD to support their attendance at ACUHO-I‘s Campus Home. Live! (formerly Annual Conference and Exposition).

    We are not currently accepting applications for this scholarship. Please check back again soon.

    New/Advancing Professionals Scholarship


    The New/Advancing Professionals scholarship is open to all RLPA members with five years or less of full-time experience in the campus housing field. This scholarship is intended to recognize new and advancing professionals in the campus housing field or professionals who are new to the organization/conference; to help delegates connect with other professionals through networking opportunities; to facilitate mentoring and provide access to new knowledge.

    The recipient of this scholarship will receive $1000.00 USD to support their attendance at ACUHO-I‘s Campus Home. Live! (formerly Annual Conference and Exposition).


    We are not currently accepting applications for this scholarship. Please check back again soon.

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