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The RLPA is made up of outstanding individuals who are dedicated and passionate about continuing to improve the student experience in residence. Do you know someone who does outstanding work in your institution? Perhaps it is someone who has started a new initiative, who gets involved in as much as possible, or volunteers their time to provide more opportunities for our students. This page is dedicated to celebrating the many faces of the RLPA and the members who are continuing to contribute to the field of residence life.

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This Month’s Featured Member…

Meet Nicole Goldring

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Nicole Goldring is currently working her first year as a Residence Coordinator at the University of Alberta. She is working in upper year communities, and has been involved in various initiatives in residence, including co-chairing the Mental Health Awareness Week Committee.

She graduated this past April from the University of Victoria, where she worked for four years as a student-staff member for their Residence Life & Education program. Her previous experience includes working as a Community Leader and Senior Community Leader as well as a Summer Community Assistant and Program Resource Centre Advisor. She has three years of experience working in Living Learning based communities, and has a passion for sustainability education in Residence.

We are thrilled to have Nicole continuing her career within the field of Residence Life at the University of Alberta, and look forward to all she will accomplish this year!


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