Hosting the RLPA Fall Business Meeting or Annual General Meeting

Are you considering hosting the RLPA Fall Business Meeting (FBM) or Annual General Meeting (AGM)? Hosting these events provides a unique opportunity to showcase your Residence community, campus, and city. Not only does it bring value to your colleagues and the RLPA membership, but it also supports the growth of the Residence & Housing profession.

Hosting also brings practical benefits: by eliminating travel expenses, you may find more members of your team can attend, bolstering professional development.

Hosting Requirements

Before deciding to host, please ensure your institution can accommodate the following requirements:

  1. Meeting Space: A universally accessible room that can host at least 40 people.
  2. Break-out Rooms: These are not a requirement, but would be an asset.
  3. Internet Access: Reliable and accessible wifi.
  4. Food Services: On-site or nearby alternatives. Arrangements for meals and snacks for attendees will be required.
  5. Dietary Accommodations: The ability to cater to diverse dietary needs.
  6. Accommodation: Hotel options in the area.
  7. Professional Development Opportunities.

Important Considerations

As the hosting institution, it’s essential to keep the following in mind:

  • Planning Guide: The RLPA Board recommends reviewing the “Hosting an AGM/FBM” guidelines document for comprehensive advice.
  • Point Person: The RLPA Board will need a representative from your institution to coordinate with the RLPA Secretary and Communications Coordinator.
  • Transportation and Accessibility: Consider the attendees’ needs when hosting, including airport access, taxi services, car rentals etc. Determine what can be included in the registration cost.
  • Networking and Social Activities: Host networking and social activities that are optional for attendees, typically including a dinner on the first full meeting day and an evening activity (e.g., “social night out,” campus tours, local attraction visits).
  • Welcome Package: Include a welcome package (swag) for attendees. This will be factored into the overall budget and supported by the RLPA Board.

We hope that this information helps your decision-making process.

If you’re ready to host an upcoming AGM/FBM, please show your interest and intent by completing and submitting the form below:

For additional inquiries about hosting an FBM/AGM, don’t hesitate to reach out to the RLPA Board at We’re here to help!

Indication of Interest to Host FBM/AGM

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