Indication of Interest to Host FBM/AGM

Are you interested in hosting the RLPA Fall Business Meeting (FBM) or Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

Hosting the FBM/AGM provides your institution with the opportunity to showcase your Residence community, your campus, and your city. It is also one of the ways that you can support your fellow colleagues and RLPA membership while giving back to the Residence & Housing profession overall. As an added bonus, the cost savings you gain by eliminating travel expenses may allow you to increase the number of people who could attend from your team, thus further enhancing your team’s professional development.

As you consider hosting please consider whether or not you have the ability to meet the requirements listed below: your institution needs to be able to accommodate the following requirements:

  • Meeting room that will host 40 people (universally accessible space)
  • Smaller break out rooms may also be re quested and would be an asset
  • Accessible wifi
  • Food services (or equivalent option in surrounding area)
    • Will need to arrange meals and snacks for attendees
    • Ability to accommodate diverse dietary needs
  • Hotel accommodations in the area
  • PD opportunities

As the hosting institution other important information for you to consider includes:

  • The RLPA Executive recommend reviewing the “Hosting an AGM/FBM” guidelines document. This document outlines institutional responsibilities and provides a check-list and time line for expected tasks.
  • A request from the RLPA Executive to have one institutional “point person” or representative who will work with the RLPA Secretary and Communications Coordinator on planning, marketing, gathering, and advertising the meeting
  • Consider transportation and accessibility needs of attendees when considering hosting (e.g. airport, taxi service, car rentals, etc). What can be included in the registration cost?
  • Hosting includes a request to run networking and social activities that are optional for attendees. These activities typically include:
    • Dinner on 1st full meeting day
    • Evening activity following dinner (e.g. “social night out”, Campus tours, community attractions, local brewery)
  • To include a welcome package (swag) for attendees
    • This would be built into the overall budget and supported by the RLPA Executive board

We hope that this information is helpful!

If you are interested in hosting an upcoming AGM/FBM please indicate your interest and intent to host by completing and submitting the form below:

We are happy to answer any additional questions or inquiries you may have about hosting an FBM/AGM.  For more information please contact the RLPA Executive via

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