Master Plan 2018-2020

Supporting our membership through thoughtful and intentional actions. See the progress below!


In April of 2017 the Master Plan was initiated by incoming President, Natasha Reynolds to address the need for the association to have a directional strategic plan to help ensure the organization was meeting the institutional needs of the membership. Since its inception in 1986, there has not been a formal strategic review and with significant changes to the Association since that time, the importance to revisit current practices has become evident. The Master Plan was approved at the 2018 AGM held at Augustana.

Theme/Focus Areas

Objectives Started




Master Plan 2018-2020

Objective status, completition and responsibilty

Board Administration and Responsibilities

  • Review roles and responsibilities of board members and create a monthly task list for each position 0% 0%
  • Create a quarterly board report template to provide membership at each meeting 0% 0%
  • Create training and onboarding for new board members 0% 0%


Identity of the Association

  • Create a resource list of what is currently being offered to the membership to ensure alignment with mission statement 0% 0%
  • Revisit Mission Statement to ensure that it accurately represents the Association’s work 0% 0%
  • Develop order of operations for major decisions and actions taken by the BOD 0% 0%


Communication and Technology

  • Develop communication strategy and outreach plan (newsletters, social media, correspondence to membership) 0% 0%
  • Review content, accessibility and overall functioning of the website 0% 0%
  • Develop an annual review plan to ensure membership and contact lists are accurate 0% 0%


Fiscal Responsibility

  • Create a sustainable spending model and strategy plan that reviews current spending practices 0% 0%
  • Research and explore savings, fundraising and investment opportunities 0% 0%
  • Determine appropriate reserve account balance 0% 0%
  • Compare member dues with other regional associations 0% 0%


Membership Recruitment and Makeup

  • Create a membership recruitment strategy plan 0% 0%
  • Create a strategy to check in with member institutions annually regarding their membership 0% 0%
  • Create a new member handbook to provide new professionals within the region 80% 80%


Membership Engagment and Programming and Services

  • Identify current programs being offered to all levels of our membership and review overall success through a cost-benefit analysis 0% 0%
  • Provide opportunities for General Members to get involved with the BOD 0% 0%
  • Create annual programming schedule (Meetings, drive in conferences, Webinars etc.) 0% 0%
  • Survey membership on their PD needs and overall satisfaction with membership (Meeting timelines, membership dues. Programming offered) 0% 0%


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