List Serve

Every RLPA member is part of a listserv. This means that every member is on an email list so if you ever have a question and you want to ask the community all you need to do is send an email to Questions get moderated (to reduce spam) so your email will not be sent out immediately.  RLPA members will either respond directly to the sender, or they can “reply all” and send their answer to the entire community.

If you are not on the list serve and would like to be placed on it please send an email to

Awards & Recognition

There are awards that are given to RLPA members each year.  Click the links below to get a full description of each award.

Josie Lamothe Memorial Award for Outstanding Service

The RLPA New Professional Award

RLPA Leadership Society Award

Mark Chytracek Lifetime Achievement Award

Stars College Scholarship


For meeting minutes, constitution, and past editions of “Hallways”, please visit the publications page.


To download the 2016 directory, click here.

RLPA Survey

The RLPA compiled many common questions into an excel spreadsheet to give a good comparison across the industry.  You can download the spreadsheet here.

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