The Residence Life Professional Association acknowledges the important and significant contributions that student leaders make to the residence environment. Each year, the RLPA honours outstanding student leaders and inducts them into our own Residence Hall of Fame. The individuals listed here have made a difference in residence by displaying leadership skills and commitment within the campus community. Each of them in their own way has demonstrated superior leadership within residence and has made campus life better for the residents.

In order to be considered for admittance into the RLPA Leadership Society, candidates must:

  • Have been a student resident of an RLPA member institution in the academic year nominated
  • Be nominated by a full-time staff member from their institution
  • Be in good standing academically at their institution
  • Have demonstrated superior leadership within the residence community
  • Each school may nominate up to 10% of its student leader group!

Superior Leadership shall be discerned at the discretion of the member institution’s residence life professional or housing manager. Demonstrated qualities of leadership may include, but are not limited to, the following traits, skills or behaviors:

  • Effective Communicator
  • Stress Tolerant
  • Assertive
  • Assumes Responsibility
  • Contributes to the Team
  • Cooperative
  • Adaptable
  • Dependable
  • Creative
  • Proactive
  • Decisive
  • Alertness
  • Energetic
  • Diplomatic
  • Persuasive
  • Persistent
  • Ambitious
  • Self-Confident
  • Organized
  • Respected

For questions regarding this award, or if you are nominating a current executive member, please contact the Past-President.

RLPA Leadership Society Nomination

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MacEwan 2015 Inductees: Emily Klatt & Nakisha Bauer.
11146521_853953741325411_7137932424633296803_nUniversity of Alberta 2015 Inductees: Jenny Gluska, Zac Young, Laurel Wilkie, 
Ilya Ushakov, Samantha Kondor, & Dulce Calderon

Past Inductees

Ryan Mason Augustana Campus, University of Alberta
Meredith Easton Augustana Campus, University of Alberta
Jodie Warabee Grant MacEwan College
Shelley Ingram Grant MacEwan College
Mark Jeffery Grant MacEwan College
Lauren Gavrailoff Lakeland College
Cody Renz Lakeland College
Emily Klatt MacEwan University
Nakisha Bauer MacEwan University
Meaghan Nawrot MacEwan University
Kendra Miller MacEwan University
Joshua Morris MacEwan University
Christy Poirier Mount Royal College
Celia Lavers Mount Royal College
Danaka Hill Red Deer College
Robechi Nwabuogor Red Deer College
Katie Bruinsma Red Deer College
Kyle Larsen Red Deer College
Erinn Boyle Red Deer College
Marriane Meijer Red Deer College
Katie Israelson Red Deer College
Lauren Black Red Deer College
Justin Bronson Red Deer College
Caitlin Meachin Red Deer College
Andrew McCutcheon Red Deer College
Kayley Bowie Red Deer College
Dillon Andrus Red Deer College
Jasmyn Solberg Red Deer College
Ty McKinney Red Deer College
Nicole German Red Deer College
Jeff Herzog Red Deer College
Cade Bengert Red Deer College
Dalton Parker Red Deer College
Emily Brown Red Deer College
Nicole Myrhaugen Red Deer College
Jennifer Sun University of Alberta
Usha Hemraz University of Alberta
Daniel Brady University of Alberta
Craig Turner University of Alberta
January Muhlbeier University of Alberta
Neil Butt University of Alberta
Charla Brosinsky University of Alberta
Victoria Scott University of Alberta
Laurel Wilkie University of Alberta
Samantha Kondor University of Alberta
Tara Freeman University of Alberta
Zac Young University of Alberta
Ilya Ushakov University of Alberta
Dulce Calderon University of Alberta
Jenny Gluska University of Alberta
Kiera Schoenemann University of Alberta
Zac Wiens University of Calgary
Tammy Lambert University of Calgary
Amy Hobbs University of Calgary
Adria Fraser University of Calgary
Lisa Berezowski University of Calgary
Andrea Stelnicki University of Calgary
Lance Stewart University of Calgary
Brett Romanow University of Calgary
Danica Whalley University of Calgary
Steve Brodrick University of Lethbridge
Hailey Babb University of Lethbridge
Jan Tuescher University of Lethbridge
Rachel Coulson University of Lethbridge
Kayla Matkowski University of Lethbridge
Samantha Alessi University of Lethbridge
Emily Welch University of Lethbridge
Vince Varga University of Lethbridge
Anne Anderson University of Lethbridge
Landry Forand University of Lethbridge
Arash Ardeshinicham University of Saskatchewan
Afra Moazen University of Saskatchewan
Deirdre Fritsch University of Saskatchewan


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